User experience and visual design refresh




Most companies leverage their blog for thought leadership and social engagement. With over ~10k monthly visitors to Intermedia’s blog the team wanted to better define how the blog would be leveraged in the existing customer journey while optimizing the overall experience.


We identified 3 goals for phase 1 of this project — increase user confidence, increase lead capture opportunities, and improve visual consistency between digital platforms.


Concept Definition, UX Design, Visual Design

Credits. Intermedia content & web development team


intm_blog_storm intm_blog_userflow_sketch intm_blog_userflow

The Approach.

Five weeks doesn’t allow for a lot of prospect interviews and research, so we started at a Stormboard and reviewed quantitative data to help give us a sense of what and how people interacted with the existing content and structure. I then conducted in-house interviews to get a sense of people’s habits and expectations when interacting with the blogs. Additionally, we reviewed top competitor blogs such as Google for Work and Office 365. These methods were able to give us a good amount of information within a short amount of time to help inform our design process.

I led a strategy workshop to align on goals and audit the existing site content and structure. The team then prioritized project tasks and content elements and began to sketch user flow and site structure ideas. I then took the final sketches and created more refined flows with accompanying annotations to share with a broader team for additional feedback.

intm_blog_sketch1 intm_blog_sketch2

Sketches + Wireframes.

Prior to moving directly into mockups, I opted to sketch and refine into lo-fi wireframes on paper. I used paper prototyping techniques to bring the designs to life and evaluate them with the team and a few internal users. This helped me work rapidly, identify elements I missed and led me to consider more ideas. Sketching many concepts helped me form a broader view of the platform ensuring a more cohesive design.



To move forward with the design I used Illustrator to create detailed mockups. Because of our extensive style guide I was able to provide visual direction and help move the project more quickly through the visual design phase. This approach was beneficial as it showed stakeholders design progress and provided the development team with what they needed to begin the specifications for this project.


Usability Testing.

We established goals for each page within the site and wanted to get some feedback on if users would be able to complete various tasks based on the initial mockups. Using Usaura I set up a small usability test to see how user responded when asked to complete tasks. This test provided the team with a few key insights that were reflected in our final design iteration.