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Intermedia provides small and medium sized businesses with the essential IT tools necessary for running the day-to-day operations of their business. Intermedia’s marketing site receives ~120k monthly visitors which generally fall into 3 persona types — small business owner, IT director, or IT services reseller.

The site was in need of an improved content strategy, design and brand alignment, and a back-end technology that has a widely supported developer community.


Data-driven design is a high priority for me and my team. Strategic improvements have led to:

  • 125% YoY increase in marketing qualified leads
  • 35% increase in leads engaged via content
  • 27% increase in reseller conversions


Concept Definition, Project Management, UX Design, Creative Direction

Credits. Intermedia content & web development team

Previous Website




Working with an outside agency we began this 6 month project with a competitive audit as well as an audit of our existing site content, design and technology, including a usability study. We also conducted stakeholder interviews to get an understanding of how various prospects, customers, and internal teams throughout the organization used the website to support their goals. This work gave us a surmountable amount of valuable input that would guide our design process. The team developed personas to help guide design decisions. We took to the whiteboard to sketch the high-level userflows. Wireframes were then developed to helped to define functionality and design requirements.

intm_wf_1 intm_resellers_wireframes

Modular Approach.

The site was developed to support a series of interchangeable modules which allow greater freedom to make changes happen more quickly. It also allows for more comprehensive A/B testing to ensure the site is optimized for the users experience. Additionally, it aides in making very technical content more easily digestible.

Our modular design approach has become paramount in helping the team deliver, meeting business needs on the turn of a dime. This has impacted everything from illustrations to CMS template development.




By month 2 the team was well into the design phase based on the approved wireframes. A well structured framework was developed to ensure scalability and flexibility across all aspects of design and development. This approach proved to be sustainable and instrumental in meeting business needs and as it has take shape, stakeholders have seen how it can bring our products to life.

The visual design phase presented a great opportunity not only for branding but for evolving the corporate design strategy to create a more seamless visual experience between marketing and product. Working collaboratively the teams aligned on a visual direction that really resonated with users.



Responsive Grid.

The site was designed using the a basic grid, aligning the titles, images and text at different indentations to create a visually interesting flow to the page. This grid easily adapts to the screen size, via media queries.


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